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Environmental Program

We care about the next generation


  Lower parts of the Handöl river

As organisers of the Biathlon World Cup, we place environmental issues close to the top of our agenda. We want future generations to be able to enjoy winters too, as well as fantastic competitions at the biathlon stadium. Sustainability at all stages is important to us and we know that it is also important to you – together we can help each other to achieve our shared targets.

Visitors can do simple things to help us, just by placing rubbish and containers for recycling in the right place at our recycling stations that are located around the stadium.

One of our partners this year is Energikontoret i Jämtlands och Västernorrlands län (Jämtland and Västernorrland’s energy office).  They will be teaching us how to save the environment and our household budget, as well as keeping us warm on the stands.

It is also possible to clearly see one of Östersund Municipality’s investments in renewable sources of energy, Arctura, from the stands. It is best known as a view point and restaurant, but Arctura is actually an accumulator tank that holds hot water from the combined heat and power plant. The accumulator is part of Östersund’s district heating network and means that the combined heat and power plant operates more smoothly, thus using less fuel and reducing carbon emissions while increasing power production. Our restaurant tent is heated by district heating using water straight from Arctura.

We are proud to be able to continue our environmental tradition from the 2008 Biathlon World Championships. This was the first ever biathlon championships to receive environmental certification and is one of the reasons why we have continued to train our drivers in eco-driving.

Our environmental plan is in line with the policy of Östersund Municipality, our partner. Östersund is the first municipality in Sweden to have all its operations environmentally certified according to ISO 14001, and the second municipality to be registered according to the EU standard, EMAS. The municipality has performed systematic environmental management since the start of the 1990s and environmental certification can be regarded at its crowning glory.
ISO 14001 is an international standard that regulates the management and quality assurance of a business’s environmental activities. EMAS supplements this with requirements for annual, approved environmental audits.

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