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Charter to and from Ljublijana 2016


Arrive safe and sound from Östersund to Pokljukka!

With OC Östersunds partner Bralogowe can for 2016 offer a direct flight to World Cup no:2 in Pokljukka Slovenia.

This means that you do not have to change flights on the way to the next adventure on the BWM IBU World Cup Biathlon.

The charters are fully booked. There are no more seats for sale. 

Do as many teams has done previous years. The smooth and smart solution with in the Östersund smart logistics programme - 15 minutes concept. 


Day   Flight no:   Departure   Arrival Not 
Monday 5 Dec   TF8605   11:00   14:15  
Monday 5 Dec   TF8604   11:30 (new)   14:45  

*Departure and Arrival Times are set in the Östersund/Ljublijana Local Time Table.

The flight time is 3 hours and 15 minutes only.
The price/ person which is all inclusiveis €494.
Check-in at airport 90 minutes before departure.

The maximum luggage weight/person in your team incl equipment and weapon is 30kg

Standard catering/lunch and complimentary bar is included.

Practical information regarding conditions and confirmations of the airfaire will be handed out separately.
The trip for Charter will be confirmed no later than August 31.


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