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Pre season training


The municipality of Östersund has focused on snow preserving techniques and investments in new snow machine systems to offer training early in the season. For the season, 2017/2018, they have produced 65 000 m3 snow to ensure that the pre-season training will be provided.

Östersund Ski stadium plans to open a ski trail at 1,7km on 27 october if the weather permits. The shooting range plans to open on 10 november. There might be changes due to weather conditions.

For more information and reservation
Östersund Municipality
Ann-Sofie Boman
phone number +46 (0) 72 214 52 02
e-mail: This is a mailto link


Idre Fjäll opens 14th October with the first ski tracks and 30 shooting stations.

For more information and reservation

Annica & Camilla
Group/Conference & Sports
phone number: +46 253 41200
e-mail: This is a mailto link


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