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Fill in this form to register your interest in accreditation for the World Cup in Östersund. 

The formular is now open and the final day for accreditation applications is
10 November 2017.

Please note that your application does not provide automatic confirmation of your accreditation for the event.

 If you are having problems with the formular below. Click on the picture at the right to open the formular in a new window. Then please try again.

Or, just click on this link:




About the new formular:

The new accreditation tool now includes all the E.ON IBU World Cup & WCH Events. Not only ON-LINE registration for Östersund.
This tool is also available from the IBU Website www.biathlonworld.com and via this tool the media representative can create his/her account first and then apply for various events of the above mentioned level.

You shall therefore create an account (also valid then later for registration for other individual events or via the IBU general application access) and then apply for the individual event.
Please also note your general need a. for accommodation, b. a working space at the press center c. parking space – with that information then after approval you can address the person for the accommodation part further on and inform about the possibility of a parking space, the system for a shuttle bus or that there are no parking spaces available

For the approval of an accreditation, both sides, the IBU as well as the OC receives an eMail information about the application in real time at the time the application is send.
Then both parties have to approve and if the second approval is done, the Media Representative receives automatically an eMail notification, that the accreditation is approved.


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