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Broadcasters telecommunication

Telia is the proud provider of telecom services for Broadcaster during the BMW IBU WORLD CUP in Östersund.

We offer a range of services that represent reliable technology which will contribute to trouble-free connections at the event.


Booking and delivering

To ensure the service and deliveries during the event, all orders shall be made through your domestic/national telecom operator.
Broadcasters outside Sweden contacts your national PTT (Postal, Telephone and Telegraph Authority) according to the regular routine.
They will in their turn book your service with Teliasonera Sweden.

For questions or concerns regarding this please email to This is a mailto link

Telia must have your order at latest 2017-11-17 to secure the delivery.

Necessary information from the Customer:
Type of service and requested time of use.
Purchaser, company name, delivery address, VAT no, Invoice address, City ZIP-code and Country,
Contact person at site during the event, phone/mobile, e-mail.
The events name is BMW IBU World Cup Östersund 2016

Telia offers communications services on commercial terms to Live Broadcasting TV & Radio. They have also created a range of services for the media which represent reliable technology and will contribute to trouble free broadcasting.

Service Description





5800 SEK
VAT excl.

The telephone service consists of a personal analogue subscriber connection, with a telephone set.




VAT excl

ISDN is a personal subscriber connection (2b+d, s-interface) with 2 unique numbers. If you need extra numbers you can order and get a total of five numbers.



VAT excl

HSIA 10Mb ended with RJ45 contact. In case of technical limitations ADSL 6-24mb ended with modem.

Other Services


155T STM1 etc. on request.


Rates and Taxes
Traffic charges will be invoiced afterwards.
All rates are quoted in SEK and do not include value-added tax.
Current value-added tax and other taxes and costs possibly stipulated by the authorities will be added to all prices.

If an invoice is not paid by the due date the services covered by the invoice will be cancelled.  


Service and Maintenance
Support number: +46 63 184 600


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