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This page is where Media Representatives will be able to find much of the information that is necessary in order to carry out professional work on site in Östersund.

If you plan to visit and work in Östersund during the World Cup you need to apply for and be approved for media accreditation. Without this you will not be allowed access to the stadium area or the press centre, for example.

The deadline for submitting applications for media accreditation is November 10, 2017. It opens in the end of September.



Broadcasters order there special needs through their national PTT. Read more by clicking here.


Free Internet (WiFi) is available in the Main Press Centre, TV compund and the commentator cabins.

The stadium’s local network is connected via two pairs of fibres that take different physical routes to our operator’s (AllTele) main network.  Each pair of fibres is linked to an optical 1Gbps switch port at either end. These two 1Gbps links are logically bundled in such a way that a break in the fibre in one of these pairs will not affect data traffic at all. In practice, this means that the ski stadium has a 1Gbps interruption-free Internet connection.


Inside the stadium, traffic is divided into three different networks. Media should connect to the Guest network and log in with the login information you received on registering at the Main Press Centre. There are two other networks at the stadium: one for the operative competition area (Compete) and one for administrative work (Sekretariat).  All three networks are accessible via cable and WiFi.

The WiFi network is built with good capacity for managing many users, and is calibrated for easy use. There are 7 outdoor access points around the arena. Three of these are operative at 360 degrees (circular transmission) and  4 at 180 degrees (targeted). All of them are installed and calibrated to cover the operative areas of the stadium. Indoor access points are in the World Cup Office, Broadcasters Office, and Biathlon Arctura VIP. 


The Wifi network is dimensioned to manage normal online work such as surfing, internet services and email, text, etc., with laptops, tablets and smartphones, etc. Those who normally send large files, such as TV reports, sound, many hi-res images, should use one of the places in the Main Press Centre that have a cable connection. These types of data packages take a great deal of bandwidth and risk temporarily reducing the network’s speed, as many people with be sharing the same bandwidth on the WiFi network.  There will be 96 places with cable connection in the Main Press Centre and some at the Press tribune for photographers in the secretariat building. If you are going to send large video/sound packages we recommend that you sit in a place with a cable connection.

Tips: If you are connected to the network via cable, turn off the Wifi on your unit so that it does not choose that way to send your data package.



If you will be using equipment with a radio transmitter a license is normally required. In Sweden it is the PTS that issues these licences.  

Please learn more about the procedure and to download accreditation forms directly from PTS web: www.pts.se 


Media Guide
Much of the information you will need as a media representative at the World Cup is in the BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon Media Guide.

You will find our Media Guide on our webpage.



The new Media Buildning which holds the MPC is situaded at the arena just beside shoting range and mixed zone. About 100 representatives of the reporting media are expected to come to the World Cup. A functional workplace for professional activities will be established in the MPC.

Simple catering facilities will be established in the MPC, providing the media with simple refreshments such as coffee, tea, cookiers. 



The LOC and Östersund Municipality invites you to a media after ski. Please find out more about date and time upon arrival.




-  500 coaches and leaders
-  130 media representatives
-  over 50 miljon TV-wiever within the EBU
-  800 volunteer

- 320 athletes, 35 nations
-  15 Radio & TV-stations
-  25 000 spectators
-  6 competition days
-  8 competitions

Media representatives who bring their own cars can apply for a parking permit when they apply for accreditation. These are available on a first come first served basis every day.

The Media car park is on the south side of route E45 behind the arena.


If you are coming from a way away you will most likely need somewhere to stay.

If you have not already done so, you can register interest in accommodation when you submit your application for accreditation.
You can also send an e-mail direct to our Accodation Manager
This is a mailto link


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