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Pre Season Media Production

The Annual Green Screen and Photo shooting , as well as the update of the biographies, will take place in Östersund.

Place: Garage in the Media Cener building (next to the Preliminary Material Control)


Thursday 23.11. 10:30-17:30

Friday 24.11. 10:30-17:30

Monday 27.11. 11:00-17:00

Tuesday 28.11. 11:00-17:00

IBU recommend all athletes to wear the team’s warm-up jackets for the video/photo shooting. Please note that all teams in green clothing are asked to bring alternative tops (jackets, shirts) in other colors, otherwise, no image processing can be done!

It would also be very helpful if all athletes come in uniform clothing. This way we can portray a consistent image in relay competitions on TV.

Team leaders / coaches are kindly requested to contact Christian Manzoni or Marian Hiller to book an appointment in advance to avoid long waiting times.
Please inform your athletes about this shooting and the schedule.

Christian Manzoni, IBU Photo Manager
+43 664 192 2916

Marian Hiller, TV-Production
+49 157 8481 6780

We kindly ask all the teams to come to the media production.

In case you need to make any changes or updates in the athletes’ biographies / equipment / personal information during the season, please contact IBU World Cup Media Manager Mariya Osolodkina at mariya.osolodkina@ibu.at.

Thank you!

Kind regards,
Your IBU Communications Team