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To be allowed to import rifles and ammunition into Sweden, each nation must be able to show valid import permissions in the Customs.


The Police Arlanda, Stockholm, new procedure for import/export of weapons/ammunition.

As of the Biathlon season 2023/2024 is The Arlanda Arms Group handles these import cases.
(NOR, FIN and DEN continues as before, declaration via Internet at the Swedish Customs Service when entering and leaving Sweden).

  • Please send Applications for the Athletes for World Cup and/or IBU Cup as soon ass possible.
    No later than 11.10.2023 (or 6 weeks before arrival)

  • The fee is SEK 870/person and has to be paid before the Police will handle the Application
    - To speed up the process OC Östersund will pay the fee for the whole team and send an invoice to the federation of the same amount afterwards -

More information: Temporary import | The Swedish Police Authority (polisen.se) External link, opens in new window.



The Application for the temporary importation of weapons must contain:

One application/one e-mail, per person is submitted electronically:
: weapons-arlanda.stockholm@polisen.se
cc: info@worldcupostersund.se

Do not send the application more than once. Otherwise, there is a risk of the matter being double-registered and another payment card sent to your home address. Make sure the application is complete. with application form, copy of your European firearms passport and invitation . Complete the application form electronically.

Please also note you have to send information for the Customs Document (more information below)

When the application is registred you will recieve a confirmation with a individual File no: Axxx.xxx/2023


When you have recieved all confirmations of your applications, please send a list of all individual File numbers + names (all Athletes) to: info@worldcupostersund.se

The Police will set up a individual OCR-number for payment, SEK 870/PERSON, and send to OC Östersund

To secure that the payment is done in due time the payment to the Police will be done via OC Östersund.
Your Federation will recieve an Invoice of the amount, 870 sek/person.

Once the payment has been settled the Police will handle the Application and send the permissions.



As previous years. One document/Team, OC Östersund will provide you with Customs document given that you send the following information to: info@worldcupostersund.se

1.Team | Contact person + Name + e-mail
2.Arrival: Place | Date + Time | Flight/Ferry/Border
3.Departure: Place | Date + time | Flight/Ferry/Border

CONTACT OC Östersund:

Marianne, e-mail: info@worldcupostersund.se