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Fluor Procedure Test

Fluor Testing Procedure

08 March – Wednesday (Official Training)
Open test session 12:00-18:00

09 March –Thursday (Competition)
13:15 Women 15 km Individual (12:45 Test open)
16:20 Men 20 km Individual (15:50 Test open)

10 March –Friday ( Official Training)
Open test session 12:00-18:00

11 March –Saturday (Competition)
14:00 Women 4x6 km Relay (13:30 Test open)
16:30 Men 4x7,5 km Relay (16:00 Test open)

12 March- Sunday (Competition)
13:00 Women 12,5 km Mass Start (12:30 Test open)
16:00 Men 15 km Mass Start (15:30 Test open)

Procedure in time

  • 30 min before the individual Start time
  • Skis must be delivered to the test station by Athlete, Technician
  • or Team Member
  • We will care about the skis from that moment until Athlete collects the skis on the way to the Start


  • Ski marking-stickers with start no. (to be delivered together with start bib)
  • Technicians are responsible for attaching the appropriate sticker to the skis
  • Delivering the skis to the test station and leaving in the ski rack
  • Athlete will pick up the skis before entering START corridor (around 2 min before dedicated start time)

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