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Please make your own accommodation reservation directly to the hotels – with CC: jessica.thylin@skidskytte.se - as soon as possible, no later than Monday 06.02.2023

Bookings are binding after 20.02.2023 Please note that the B-price is €120 in Double room | € 140 in Single room

For questions and assistance, please contact:

Jessica Thylin, Chief of Accommodation
Phone: +46 (0)70 20 30 166 | e-mail: jessica.thylin@skidskytte.se

Accommodation list in the Invitation (link)

Accommodation costs for Top 25 male and female athletes

Following the IBU Rules, IBU will cover the accommodation costs for top 25 male and female athletes, according to IBU E&C Rules, after World Cup total score maximum
7 nights (Category B price in double room).

IBU will transfer the respective amount for participating athletes according to the set maximum price for B standard upon receipt of an invoice.

World cup sponsors