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Learn more about Biathlon

In the Single Mixed Relay the female athlete start and goes two laps, prune and standing shooting. Right after the penalty loop the lady hand over to the man who does the same thing. They hand over to each other each time they have done their prone and standing shooting once, and repeat the procedure two times. The men takes a final lap and heads for the finish line. Other than a shorter penalty loop, the rules for relay are the same.

In the Mixed Relay competition, the first member of all teams starts simultaneously and after completing their part they tag the next member to start them. Female biathletes have to complete first and second round of the relay and third and fourth round are competed by a male biathlete. Prone and standing shooting.

Men compete over 10 km, the women over 7.5 km, and shoot twice (prone- standing). One missed shot means a penalty loop of 150 m.

The men compete over 12.5 km the women 10 km and shoot four times. One missed shots means a penalty loop. The start order and start interval are decided by the sprint race.

The men compete over 20 km, the women over 15 km, and shoot four times (prone-standing-prone-standing). One missed shot means a one-minute penalty.

The target area for prone shooting is 4.5 cm and for standing it is 11.5 cm. The distance to the targets is 50 meters. Number of targets for the world cup in Östersund is 30. The shooting takes place at the same site throughout the whole competition. The target system in Östersund is Kurvinen Targets.

The weapons have a barrel caliber of 5.6 mm (.22 in. long rifle) and muzzle velocity must not exceed 380 m/s. The weapons are specially produced for biathlon and the minimum allowable weight of the weapon is 3.5 kg.