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Moving media

Bibs are not required in the Mixed Zone. However, Bibs need to be worn by all cameramen who work within the stadium. The bibs are assigned to the HB and RHBs (rightsholding broadcasters), as per bookings and accreditation entry. The bibs are then given out to the broadcasters upon accreditation collection at the accreditation center.


All accredited photographers are required to wear a photo bib in the competition area to get access to the Photo Zones. These bibs are available in the media center. There are two different bibs: one is for generally accredited photographers and the other for photographers who have access to restricted areas. The bibs are handed out by the IBU Photo Manager only at the briefings. For the bibs a 20 Euro (general admission) and 50 Euro (Priority) deposit must be paid.


There is a room in the Main Media Center which is locked and possible for photographer´s to leave their gear in overnight. Please talk to the reception and they will help you.


Christian Manzoni,
+43 676 8414 9833


The main briefing for moving media will be on Saturday, 25th November 2023 at 11:30 in the media Centre. All moving media are requested to attendt the main briefing.

The daily briefings will take place each competition day 1,5 hours prior to the competition start in the main Media Centre. The detailed schedule will be published at the welcome desk in the main Media Centre


The flower ceremonies will take place immediately after the end of each competition in the stadium. Athletes competing in Sprint and Individual that finish place 1-6 will attend the flower ceremonies. Athletes competing in Relay that finish place 1-3 will attend the flower ceremonies.